In October 2015, the Yoruba movie marketers in Arena Oshodi Lagos Nigeria released their flicks for the month. It was released forthrightly and the totality of the movies in the month was 44. Among these movies are the fantastic ones which you can’t resist yourself from watching because they are well scripted and the lines were delivered perfectly. However, hereby presents to you 10 best movies in October 2015. They are as follows:


Ewawunmi was released by Okiki Films and Music Productions, produced by Junwo Quadri. It was unique movie with good storyline. The plot was fantastic with best cast.


Igbekun is a story of a looming danger in Ajihun who is to lose all her 3 children. She makes frantic effort to avert this danger and she fined herself in bondage. It was well scripted and the lines were delivered accordingly. The only small minus in Igbekun is the fact that the degree of hardship encountered by the family was probably a little over played. It didn’t seem realistic that only one family would experience such. Apart from this, it’s a fantastic movie. It was written and produced by Kunle Afod and marketed by Almaroof Media Network.


Osupa is a story about Tokunbo Williams, a successful actress who is loved, appreciated and respected by all and sundry until tragedy struck. She was allegedly linked with a robbery gang terrorizing the town. It teaches lesson not only to the entertainers but everyone who careless takes photos with strangers. It was written and produced by Yinka Quadri and marketed by corporate pictures.


Alaborun is a story of a woman who used all she had to get what she wanted. She met her secondary school boy friend who has gotten married to another young lady but he was vagrant. The woman assisted him and his family and at the same time dating him without the knowledge of his house wife who sees her as their helper. It was well scripted with good cast. It was written and produced by Abolanle Abdusalam and marketed by Okiki Films and Music Productions.


Tani Aseni:tani aseni
Tani Aseni is a story of a young man who wanted power by all means and he was mandated to commit an abominable act. After achieving his new found power, he oppressed and harassed his victims which later came back to haunt him in the future. It was written and produced by Busola Olukayod and marketed by Hibee Picture Limited.


Ewe Iyeye :iyeye
Ewe Iyeye is all about the king of a powerful kingdom suffering from a terminal illness which is about to claim his life. The oracle was consulted and it was revealed that the only solution is in the deadly forest of no return. 4 young men were carried away with the king’s wealth and they embarked on the suicide journey. Only 1 survived out of the 4. Well scripted and the lines were delivered perfectly. It was written Iya Ereko and produced by Gbenga Ajulo while Corporate Pictures marketed it.


Omi Oju Meta:omi oju
Omi Oju Meta was a story of a young lady who lost her wealthy father and his properties were will to the girl. When she was about to marry, she was surrounded with evil minds who organized a man for her so as to snatch the inheritance from her. She had an accident a few days to her wedding and she was in coma for months. For her to live, she needed 3 people to genuinely wipe for her. All whom she felt who do that disappointed her as it was revealed to her by the agent of death. It was written and produced by Ayanfe Adeyinka and marketed by Zainab Ventures.



Ayipada :SHOWBIZ
Ayipada is about 2 biological brothers who don’t have everything in common. From childhood, one was better than the other but unfortunately, the life of the favourite one was cut short by cultists. Thereafter in the future, things became better for the bad one and he changed the life of the family for better. It was produced by Femi Ojopagogo and Marketed by Sun-Tab.


Eta Oko:eta
Eta Oko was written and produced by Toyin Aimakhu and marketed by Yetqueen Film Productions. It was a story of 3 characters played by Toyin.



Ayomi is a story of a girl who was born with blindness, but he was fortunate to have a childhood friend who always stays with her. Along the line, they fell in love with one and other but there was never a chance to themselves before one of them relocated. It was marketed by Adekaz Films Production.


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